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Old Toronto Homes & Galvanized Plumbing

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Toronto, especially the downtown core, boasts a large market of heritage homes often characterized by stunning Victorian Architecture. The visual appeal of these hundred+ year old homes attracts potential buyers but the labor involved in bringing their inner workings up to date is off putting to the majority of buyers. Many home sellers are unaware of the hidden issues that run throughout their house. The first of these issues involves the plumbing present in the home. Homes built before 1960 are known to have galvanized piping for plumbing systems. The problem with galvanized piping is that after decades of water flow, they tend to corrode and rust on the inside which leads to leakage and potential water damage throughout the house. A serious plumbing leak can cause the home to be uninhabitable and can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Long term problems can lead to mold infestations which pose a health risk to you and your family. It is recommended that all galvanized piping be replaced with copper piping which directly combats the issues of corrosion and rust.  In the same vein, connections to sewers in Toronto from old homes are usually made of clay or cast iron. Cast iron, like galvanized piping, is susceptible to corrosion and thus leakage. Clay pipes face a whole different issue; mother nature. Roots wind their way into these clay pipes where they grow at a rapid rate due to constant exposure to water. This leads to complete blockage in the pipes, potentially running for meters and requiring a full replacement of the sewer connection. Don’t risk allowing your home sale falling through because of a home inspection report that scares off your buyer!

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