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How to understand cash house buyer reviews on Google

Selling one’s house privately to a cash house buyer or a real estate investment company has become more common over the past handful of years, and that has brought new players to the industry. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing, and one of the ways to understand who you’re working with is to look up their cash house buyer reviews (will be addressing Google reviews in this article).

If you google a private home buyer’s company name, you should be able to find their “Google profile” (sometimes also called “Google My Business”. This where you’ll see if they have a professional logo, a phone number, an actual office address, and…. yes, reviews!
When it comes to cash house buyer reviews on Google the overall score is important, of course (displayed as a numerical score out of 5 – since reviewers leave a 1-to-5 star review), but it’s also important to read some of the actual reviews. Some cash house buyer companies will have received some 1-star reviews from tenants who are unhappy to have received a flyer or letter at their home, or a seller who didn’t like the offer a company made to buy their property. Those are somewhat unfair reviews, since they don’t really address the company’s professionalism, their honesty, or their track record in following through with what they say they will do with private home sellers. However, if you’re reading a lot of reviews from people saying that the company didn’t deliver a deposit for their offer, or stopped answering their phone and emails, that’s a big cause for concern. Another thing to look for is how many reviews the reviewers have made in total (you can see that next to the reviewer’s name). If all the reviews are from people who have only written one review in total, then you’re probably reading scam reviews the company left for themselves using one-time Google/gmail accounts. However, if a reviewer has made several reviews (or better yet, is an official “Local Guide” who has registered with Google to make helpful and truthful reviews of businesses), you might be able to trust their cash house buyer review a little more than the others.
At the end of the day, even though they are “companies”, you’re dealing with fellow humans, and the important thing is that you feel heard, understood, and that the private property buyer is going to follow through on their commitments to you. The only way you’ll know if that’s the case, is to call them!

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