We do NOT buy properties listed on the MLS. We do NOT buy properties owned for less than 3 years.

Did you know?? We Buy Houses!

It might seem obvious that we buy houses with a name like True North House Buyer, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into what we buy, when, and how.
In Ontario, quite a lot is influenced by the weather and seasons. After all, who really enjoys moving when it’s minus 22 degrees, and there’s a thick layer of ice on walkways and sidewalks? That means that we typically have more people asking us about buying their property in the spring, summer, and fall months, than we do in the winter. However, we operate year-long, so if you’re ever in a situation where you’d like to (or need to) sell in the winter, don’t hesitate to call, because we buy houses every single month of the year!
Now that we’ve addressed that, it probably a good idea to explain that we buy more than houses…. we buy condos, we buy retail and industrial properties, we buy land, we buy mobile homes, heck, we even buy trailer parks. Basically, any property could be of interest to us. It just needs to satisfy three criteria:
1- It needs to be in a Canadian marketplace we operate in (currently, all of Ontario, and some of Quebec, Alberta, and B.C.);
2- It needs to be on terms which work for our property investment business model; and
3- We need to know that we’re providing value to you, the seller. Most often sellers find our value to be in the ease, speed, and professionalism we operate with, but there can be other reasons someone prefers to sell privately rather than publicly through Realtors.
So… as much efforts as we put into marketing and outreach, our message is really a very simple one: We buy houses!

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