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Case Study: A Successful Private Property Sale

Hi there, Kevin here from True North House Buyer. I’d like to share with you an inspiring story of one of our recent transactions that highlights the benefits and ease of selling your property privately, especially when partnering with a cash house buyer like us.

Meet Anne

Anne, a long-time resident of Toronto, Ontario, owned a charming three-bedroom house in the heart of the city. She had lived in her home for over two decades, but with her kids off to college and a recent retirement, she decided it was time to downsize. Rather than go through the traditional route of listing her property on the MLS with a Realtor, Anne decided to explore the private sale avenue.

Why Anne Chose a Private Sale

Anne chose a private sale for two main reasons. First, she loved the idea of being in control of her home’s sale without dealing with the high costs of real estate commissions. Second, she was keen on a fast, hassle-free sale that allowed her to transition into her retirement smoothly. She really didn’t relish the idea of dozens of buyers and their agents tramping through her house, opening her drawers and closets, and needing to be out of the house for every showing. This is where we, True North House Buyer, came into the picture.

Our Approach at True North House Buyer

Here at True North House Buyer, we are dedicated to making the property selling process easy and straightforward. We buy houses for cash (always through lawyers, of course), offering a simple solution for sellers looking for a quick, stress-free sale. As soon as Anne reached out to us, we set the wheels in motion.

The Home Valuation Process

Our first step was to assess Anne’s property value. We conducted a thorough, yet non-intrusive, property visit, respecting Anne’s time and space. After taking into account the condition of the home and the current market dynamics in Toronto, we provided Anne with a fair, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours.

Closing on Anne’s Schedule

One of the advantages of selling your house privately to a cash buyer is the flexibility you have in setting the timeline. Anne wanted to finalize the sale quickly, and we were more than happy to accommodate her. We were able to close the deal in just two weeks, allowing Anne to move forward with her retirement plans.

The Legal Process

In Ontario, all real estate transactions are legally overseen by lawyers, ensuring a safe and secure process for both buyers and sellers. Our lawyer coordinated with Anne’s lawyer, making sure all necessary documents were correctly prepared, and funds were transferred securely and promptly. Anne did not have to worry about any legal complexities, thanks to this regulated process.

Anne’s Successful Private Property Sale

Anne’s private property sale with True North House Buyer was a success. She was delighted with the quick, easy sale, which allowed her to avoid costly realtor commissions and the usual stress of traditional property transactions.

Our team at True North House Buyer was pleased to help Anne successfully navigate her private property sale. We pride ourselves on making the selling process as simple and beneficial for homeowners as possible. If you’re considering selling your property privately in Ontario, we’re here to help! Just like with Anne, we’re committed to offering you a fair price for your home and supporting you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free sale.

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