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How To Sell A House Off Market In Ontario Without A Real Estate Agent

In this blog post you’ll learn our best 3 tips on how to best sell a House off market in Ontario without using a real estate agent. At the very end, we’ll also include a way you can have your cake and eat it too (save money and sell on your terms).

When it comes to selling your house, you have two main options…. (there are other, move obscure ones, but we won’t focus on those for the purposes of this blog post).

The first option is to sell your property through a Realtor. This way can be expensive since the agent will charge you a commission for their services – and that commission can be anywhere from 5% of the sale price or higher (often thousands of dollars). Additionally, most real estate agents only know how to sell properties by putting them up on the MLS and waiting for a buyer to come along. There’s little in the way of a proactive approach to the sales process.

The second option is to sell your house without a real estate agent. This way can be much cheaper, since you won’t have to pay an agent thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands! in commissions – that’s money that stays in your pocket. You also won’t be pressured into fixing up your house, staging it, and possibly even paying for all or a part of advertising and marketing expenses which Realtors seem to love spend.

Here are those three tips on how to sell a House off market in Ontario without a real estate agent:

Tip #1: Clean Up The House

The more “ready-to-live-in” condition your house is in, the higher price you might be able to get for your house. This could involve some cleaning up or even fixing up, but you control how much of that, if any, you do. If there are renovations that you’ve started, you might want to hire a contractor to finish them, or find a way to wrap up that work efficiently and quickly yourself. Maybe the roof needs to be reshingled. Perhaps you should paint your house. Remember these things are only needed if your motivation is to get highest dollar. If you have a stronger motivation to do nothing more to your property, or if you need a very quick sale without any fixing-up delays, then don’t bother.

Tip #2: Tell Everyone!

Next, tell everyone you know that you’re selling your house. Post about it on Facebook. Find a local “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) website or newspaper and post there. Put up flyers at the grocery store. In other words: Just tell everyone you can… and ask them to tell everyone they can. Some sellers even send out an e-blast to their immediate circle of influence and ask all the recipients to forward to a few people themselves.

Tip #3: Be Prepared To Show Your House

People will want to come through your house to look at it and decide whether or not to buy. Be prepared to show your house – morning, noon, or night. Weekdays and weekends. It can be quite time consuming but just keep remembering all that money you’ll save versus having a Realtor do that for you.

Did you know there’s a way to sell that’s even easier?

It can be expensive and time consuming to sell a house this way. The good news is that we’re going to tell you how you can skip the costs and effort of cleaning up and fixing up your house, and you don’t even have to show you house to anyone, or wait months while you try to find a buyer! You can sell your house directly to us at True North House Buyer , as quickly as you want! Save thousands of dollars in repairs and bills, and skip all the waiting and hassle. Just call our office at


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