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How Long Does It Take To Sell My House With A Realtor Vs A Cash House Buyer?

Selling your house can be a time-sensitive matter, and we understand that you may be seeking a solution that meets your urgency. If you’re looking for guidance on how long it takes to sell your house with a realtor compared to a cash house buyer, this blog post aims to assist you.

Your desire to sell your house quickly has likely brought you here, as you hope to find the most suitable option that aligns with your timeline.

Before we delve into the answer, it’s important to grasp the distinction between the role of a realtor and that of a cash house buyer:

When you sell your house with a realtor, you engage them to represent you in the sale and find a buyer on your behalf. In essence, you are selling your house through an agent to a buyer.

When you sell your house to a cash house buyer, you directly collaborate with the buyer who intends to purchase the property. Essentially, you are selling your house directly to a cash buyer.

Now that you comprehend the difference, let’s explore the time it may take.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My House With A Realtor Vs A Cash House Buyer?

The Realtor…

A realtor needs to showcase your house to potential buyers and persuade them to make a purchase. Consequently, they expect your house to be in impeccable condition. Furthermore, they must locate as many prospective buyers as possible to present your house to.

Consequently, it may take weeks or even months for you to prepare your house before an agent deems it ready for listing. Once the agent lists it, it can take additional months for them to find buyers to showcase your house to. Furthermore, it can take several months, typically 3-6 months but sometimes as long as 12 months, for a buyer to make an offer. It’s crucial to note that if the buyer faces challenges with financing or has a change of heart, they may withdraw from the deal, necessitating the process to start anew.

Therefore, selling your house through an agent can take months. The duration depends on how quickly you can bring your house to a presentable state, how soon they can find a buyer, and whether the buyer ultimately follows through with the purchase.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My House With A Realtor Vs A Cash House Buyer?

The Cash House Buyer…

How Long Does It Take To Sell My House to an investor

This aspect surprises many: a cash house buyer can purchase your house very quickly. In fact, some cash buyers can complete the purchase within as little as 7-10 days if that’s your preference. The reason for this expediency is that the cash house buyer acts as the direct buyer, eliminating the need for showings. Additionally, many cash house buyers, including us here at True North House Buyer, are willing to buy houses in any condition, alleviating the necessity for you to make repairs or improvements.

So, should you sell through a realtor or sell to a cash house buyer? The decision ultimately rests with you. A cash house buyer offers a faster process, so if speed is of utmost importance, you may want to consider selling to a cash house buyer.

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